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    "Time and Time again!" another comic from Buzz #3.

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    •Average frame rate for this show - 34-40 fps
    •Average frame rate for general (flash) animated TV series -20-24 fps
    ok I’m going to freak out for a second and just say as an animation major I study this show constantly based on it’s mastery level of using the principles of animation in action and in motions. There are a large number of people who can’t stomach the content of the show (which is ok) but those of us who can watch it know how it’s basically porn for aspiring animators. While only being paid an Adult Swim salary, the Superjail crew display an overwhelming amount of talent and skill that people would normally expect to see in the old hand-drawn department of Disney or something. Also, IT IS MADE WITH FLASH. DO I EVEN NEED TO GET INTO WHY THAT’S SO STUNNING AND SIGNIFICANT!?

    The first season was produced in Augenblick Studios in 2008 and is now being produced in Titmouse Studios since season 2. The animation in this series has been described as “barouque and complicated and hard to take in at a single viewing” since day one. I think I’m going to stop now otherwise I’m never going to. Ally out.       

    I haven’t watched past series 1 yet because I am idiot but all the gory fight scenes flow so beautifully, SuperJail is one of my favourite animated shows hands down.

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    So Depressed

    Please enjoy this, possibly the darkest SMMA comic I have ever made. lol 

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    no. 11

  9. me whenever i see stef

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  10. I’d drown all these crying babies
    If I knew that there mothers wouldn’t cry
    I’d hold them down and I’d squeeze real soft
    And let a piece of myself die

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